Your music deserves a professional image.

We are a full service design agency hyper-targeted towards the independent artist & musician.

→ Design Careers Not Logos ←
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→ Let's cut to the chase here no bs ←
We will design for you a logo suite, merch & social media starter
& fully responsive webflow website for $3500 plus gst.

This offer is only open to Canadian artists & musicians. that's it no strings no bs, you own everything & we walk you through everything. limited spaces available every year.

We are a group of music industry designers that have been branding and launching artists for over 10 years and we want to give back.These are unprecedented times and they call for drastic action to 'save our industry' and we want to make it beautiful again.

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A design solution for a new kind of music industry.

▬ mission Statement_

We are a group of creatives that specialize in a multitude of design disciplines from graphic design, web design, and motion graphics.

What sets us apart is that everyone at Bandbrand has a passion for the creative side in the entertainment industry. We have spent years crafting and perfecting our design skills focusing specifically on the “Art” of music. We understand what you need, even if you don’t.
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It's time to take control...

Look we understand that recent years have been tough but those who weather the storm will succeed. Many industry professionals state when it comes back, there's no stopping them - especially with all their new found success!

So what does "it" mean? It means touring and online sales are going to be bigger than ever before which ultimately leads more exposure for you as well so get ready because things might just start getting pretty awesome soon :)

So what do we do?

We build your band's digital personality. One package, approximately 2 months to complete and no strings. We are industry design pros and come from music industry backgrounds. So we know what the industry is looking for today. Let's face it, that's how they discover you, you wouldn't use an online library to write your original songs…

You should never underestimate the value of a well-designed brand. Why would you treat your Digital Presence with indignity and use a drag-and-drop template to represent yourself? Doesn't make sense right?! Think about it - why should any manager spend time on your site or branding if it only took 30 minutes for someone else to complete, and they don't even have an expertise in design?

It's time we make our Industry beautiful again with original design & layouts without breaking any bank accounts along the way. Get ahead of others easily and stop giving fans subpar products.

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